A Few Helpful Notes ... number to phone: 021 0222 6378

Whether you want to ask if and how manual healthcare practice is helpful and effective for your problem, or whether you want a second opinion or case review, or whether you want to make an appointment, please use the 'Contact Us' page on this web site, or call or txt the above number. Remember to please provide your contact number.

The overarching aim of this practice is to deliver expertise, experience, empathy and professionalism in a relaxed office practice environment.

Dr McGrath intentionally provides ample consultation time to ensure that a relaxed environment exists in which to thoroughly investigate and explore your clinical presentation, conduct a careful analysis of the initial mechanism of injury and expose any subsequent factors that may unwittingly influence your recovery, together with other wider social and psychological influences that may bear upon your coping ability.

Evidence suggests expensive, prolonged treatment, or 'over-servicing', is not associated with enhanced outcomes.

Get a second opinion.

From a consultant perspective, Dr McGrath is pleased to offer review or a second opinion regarding the treatment that you may be undertaking, or considering undertaking. Nearly forty years of practice, coupled with research and institutional engagement is a wealth of clinical and academic experience, literally at the finger tips.

Keep in mind:

  • Seek Best Practice not Usual Practice - there is no 'one-size fits all' approach, technique, exercise, device or novel treatment. Any recommendation is patient and injury specific, tailored to and consistent with the evidence
  • Recovery before rehabilitation - if you have not recovered sufficiently, premature rehabilitation may simply aggravate and perpetuate your problem, turning what should have been an readily resolvable situation into a persistent, recurrent or aggravated presentation
  • Pain relief and the achievement of an informed state of effective self-management - are key goals in your care. At times this may also include your referral for relevant investigations or to another health professional. Sometimes things simply cannot be 'fixed', but with the correct help and advice you can manage them away from your pre-occupation and attention
  • 'Cranial', 'visceral' & acupuncture treatments are NOT practiced. Evidence-informed care for musculoskeletal pain presentations remain a cornerstone of best practice. Dr McGrath does not treat neonates, babies or young children though he may offer review, reassurance and advice if requested

Use the 'Contact Us' page to make an inquiry or to request an appointment.

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